Message From The Principal

The College of Education (CoE), keeping in line with the vision of the Ziauddin University, aspires to be a national leader in teacher education.

 As Einstein once said: ‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.’ Hence, the CoE aims to produce graduates with improved scholarship of teaching and learning and enhanced critical thinking skills. Housed in a school building, the CoE promotes application of theory to practice. The CoE also works closely with the Ziauddin Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education thus allowing for teacher education, classroom practices, and assessment of learning to interact with each other for improved student learning outcomes. Thus, teacher education programmes at CoE make it distinct and unique both nationally and at the international level.

At CoE, we strongly believe in building Communities of Practice and providing leadership in service and outreach, through connecting with partner schools.

Finally, we believe that “Education is not merely acquiring knowledge, gathering and correlating facts; it is to see the significance of life as a whole.’’ Accordingly, our college graduates will enter the field of education, equipped with 21st century skills, ready to act as catalysts for bringing about the much needed change in the education sector in Pakistan.

I look forward to welcoming all the future teacher leaders at the Ziauddin College of Education!