Psychology has made its way into every aspect of modern education to make it more systematic, scientific, useful, authentic, objective, and numerical. Strong methods have been applied at present for the understanding of the human mind and behavior. It helped in working out the educational plan and program for an effective solution to the problems through its spectrum span, like:

  • The nature of the learning process, factors influencing the learning process
  • It includes many sub-topics, such as the mental health of the human character.
  • Measurement and evaluation, statistics.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Students passed intermediate or A-level with 45% minimum.
  • A minimum score of 60% and qualifying in the interview is needed to become eligible for the degree for any level/course.

Fees Structure

 Examination Fee  PKR 10, 000 (per semester)
 Course Fee  PKR 30, 000
 Admission Fee  PKR 5, 000 (One time)
 Student Activity Fees  PKR 10, 000 (Annually)
 Security Deposit  PKR 5, 000 (Refundable)