Formal Accreditation Visit of Teacher Education Programmes November 1 & 2, 2021

A team of academic evaluators appointed by National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE) Pakistan visited the College of Education Ziauddin University to assess and evaluate the B.Ed. (Honors) Degree programme. This formal evaluation is a follow up of the visit carried out in September 2020 resulting in Zero Accreditation to the College on February 8, 2021. 

Ziauddin University leadership including Dean Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Director Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) and Manager Public Relation Office Ahmad Shahzad were present at the college for the formal introductions,, and  briefing on the evaluation process..

Dean FLAHS presented the big picture of the University to the Evaluation team followed by the college Principal who shared details of the programme being offered. Interviews of  the Principal, Faculty and students  were administered, classroom teaching was observed, physical facilities of the  college were surveyed.

Finally HEC drafted teacher education monitoring manual was used to evaluate the documents created by the college. Next day an exit conference was convened in the Board Room of the University, attended by Dr. Abbas , Dean Medical School, Registrar, Controller Examination, Director QEC,  Dean FLAHS Principal  and Faculty CoE. 

After the commendation of the college Faculty and Principals hard work to organize the evaluation some key findings were shared .The team expressed their satisfaction on the college vision mission and programme , they had concerns about the physical facilities and low population but admitted that this is the second year and the college is at infancy stage . Final ratings will be shared by the NACTE secretariat.    

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that educators can transform people’s lives. World Teachers’ Day underlines this very notion.

“The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.”

_ F.Sionil Joe. 

CoE celebrated the efforts and dedication, wisdom, and responsibility of our TEACHERS in times of need as ever. The Teachers’ Day Celebration was arranged by Ziauddin College of Education. On the invitation of our Principal Ms. Rana Hussain Dr. Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui, Director General, Inspection / Registration of Private institutions Sindh Karachi graced the event as respected Chief Guest and inspired our teachers in making. Mr.Steve Ryan Director Ziauddin Schools & Colleges, Ms.Unaeza Alvi-Head Academics Examinations at ZUEB, and Ms. Naheed Munir- Principal Ziauddin Intermediate College were also present to commemorate this day. 


By: College of Education

12 hour CPD sessions for the faculty members of Ziauddin College of Nursing and Midwifery were conducted at the college of education. The aim of professional development sessions was to Introduction the practices of both guided and self-directed Action research. Ms. Rana Hussain and Dr. Kiran Hashmi successfully kindled the Socratic Method of discussion, literature reviews, Methodologies and Plan of action as main focuses of these four days. Dr. Pamela Marshall- Dean ZUCoNW awarded certificates from College of Education FLAHS- Ziauddin University to all the participants for their in-service Capacity Development.

Welcome Lunch

The College of Education values all of its students and faculty who believes in the power of dreams and who have joined us in the exploration of life.  As we begin our new semester this month so on Thursday February 18, 2021 all students were invited to a Welcome Lunch, College of Education made a special request to our Dean- FLAHS to grace this occasion with her presence it was a great opportunity for the students to meet and greet our Dean Dr. Fauzia Shamim and the faculty, make new friends, and share experiences.

College of Education invited a guest speaker Ms Munira Hasan Ali

College of Education invited a guest speaker Ms Munira Hasan Ali to introduce her books on the Muslim Scientists and Mathematicians of the World which she wrote in collaboration with Dr Zulfiqar Ali Meghani. Ms Munira is a teacher educator and is currently pursuing her doctorate from a Malaysian university.

Pakistan 100 Entrepreneurial Boot camp 2021- IdeaGist

Pakistan 100 is a network of highly professional overseas Pakistanis committed to changing Pakistan’s image as a thriving digital economy by supporting the launch of one hundred technology companies by 2023. In their

Pre-Selection Phase, participants were given an opportunity to polish their pitching skills, and gained assistance before applying directly to the Selection Phase. Hence, teams became more competent which increased their chances of being chosen in the Selection Phase. The Screening Process adopted for the Pakistan 100-Call for Ideas, was divided into three stages: 1- Quality check of applications, 2- Scoring from the Reviewer Committee, 3- Scoring from the Panel of Judges.  200 applications received out of which, 13 were selected for the Boot camp.

The invitation call for the sharing of ideas came in November 2020, and after an initial screening, quality check, and interview, my idea of an intervention program based on an apprenticeship model, was selected. I was assigned two mentors before Boot Camp began. The mentors helped in shaping my idea, devising a business model, and developing the financial models. They played an instrumental role in making the idea precise.

The Bootcamp Pre-Selection was held from 25th January to 29th January 2021, between 9AM and 6PM daily. The program was based on four objectives: 1. Gap Analysis or what one needs to do? 2. Lean Canvas 3. Pitch Deck 4. Your Story.

The program was rigorous and required a critical lens to scrutinize our ideas for feasibility and viability yet, make them appealing to the investors. It paid special attention to the reshaping of ideas, financial management, and business model development. The course of the program had a blend of face-to-face sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs, along with angel investors to help every participant understand the market need and investors’ expectations.

The Boot camp was a new and unique learning experience. Stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur and thinking like a business graduate were not easy tasks; they were in fact, a roller coaster ride with many highs and some lows throughout the journey. I, still managed to sail through and cleared the course with flying colors. My idea was selected for the One-Minute Idea Show, and will also be presented for an elevated pitch later in the year. The Boot Camp graduation ceremony was held on February 14, 2021.

Laudable Commitment to Polish their Professional Proficiencies

Students of College of Education at their laudable commitment to polish their professional proficiencies. We ensure continuous student engagement, focused institutional energy and optimal usage of innovative resources through our strong programme and specialized faculty. Blended mode of instruction provides inclusive environment for diverse nature of learners.

Tech Summer Camp

A two weeks Tech Summer Camp started at Dr. Ziauddin School & College, North Nazimabad on July 18, 2019. First batch got the opportunity to enter the new Tech World in their own school. Students are going to explore new educational technologies through netbooks, Tablets, Touch board and much more. This new environment will be a part of their learning paradigm in coming sessions. Today, students of Dr. Ziauddin School started a journey to a magical techno touch world.

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The importance of knowledge and building skills is inevitable. A five day capacity building workshop successfully concluded on Friday 12 July 2019, this was the first step towards the development of new proficiencies, enrichment of capabilities and endorsement of pedagogical practices through a structured pathway to match the needs of new digitized paradigm for teaching and learning.

The purpose of this course was to take teacher onboard for the new teaching and learning paradigm. A total shift of teaching pedagogy and assessment approaches is required for an innovative tech teaching atmosphere. The course encompassed a tailored plan to bring about change and add value to teaching and learning practices. During the course participants explored the updated educational technology setup for Dr. Ziauddin School and studied its impact and effectiveness for the diverse learning styles of 21st century students. It was a successful kick start to new voyage with a focus on high quality technology embedded learning environment.

Attendees: Teachers of Dr. Ziauddin School & College

  • Rameela Jamal
  • Humera Jawwad
  • Mahnoor Ahmed
  • Zarmeen Waheed
  • Amna Tariq
  • Madiha Imran
  • Farooq Muhammad
  • Fatima Hasan

Conducted by: Noor-e-Sahar

ICT in Education Specialist

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