Programme Introduction:

To empower a nation, educational trends and practices are pivotal to its roots. The College of Education at Ziauddin University has a pivotal role in social and cultural development through models of compassionate humanism and ethical excellence. Our flagship programme in M.Phil. Education is geared towards linking academia and the emerging labour market in education. The programme is demand-led based on trends and practices in research theory and implementation. The courses are unique as they prepare the scholars to be independent entrepreneurs and to develop human skills and value systems integrated into their roots. The College of Education at Ziauddin University has already emerged as a developing institution by offering a research-based model of undergraduate studies through professional work-based curricula. This M.Phil. programme of studies is another wing added to research and skill-based model of professional degree to cater to the needs of societal and cultural dimensions. The College of Education values human development and endeavours to contribute directly towards the skill sets and knowledge base of learners in an active human world. The M.Phil. Education programme is likely to provide easy access to research and innovation in selected fields of specialisation. The programme helps learners grow through small projects and actions by virtue of practicable tasks in real classes. Social and spiritual as well as psychological and philosophical strengths at the College of Education under the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences add dynamic values to the faculty. Development courses in the M.Phil. Education programme are designed to cater to the needs of culturally vibrant minds and improve social and cultural pedagogic aspects through research projects. The College of Education, CoE offers a unique opportunity to all aspiring students from all over the country to experience a culture of collegiality and diversity.


We are a prestigious institution of higher education recognised for academic excellence and research. Ziauddin University aims to nurture ethical and intellectual curiosity in the students by motivating them to positively contribute towards the development of a knowledge-based society in Pakistan. The M.Phil. Education programmes of study at CoE are determined to provide exemplary strength in skills and knowledge to help teachers and professionals make effective decisions in diverse contexts. The programme is derived from eastern and western research theories and best practices.


We envision allowing flexibility and equality of status, a blended learning model with theory and practice in real-life classrooms and learning contexts, to engage the learners in a culturally- diverse group of participants who are not only change agents but social balance contributors. We also envision creating a link between education and societal research that aids human development.

Eligibility for Admissions

All students with an HEC-recognized MA degree in Education, M.Ed., BS Education, B.Ed. 1.5, B.Ed. 2.5, and B.Ed. (Hons) from any chartered and recognised institution of higher education both in Pakistan and abroad. All other 16-year education candidates will be offered admission based on their deficiency course completion of 9-12 credits. The deficiency courses will be decided on a case to case basis. All HEC and ZU Graduate Education policies for 2023 apply.

Fee Structure

1st Semester
Registration Fee PKR                              5,000.00
Admission Fee PKR                            10,000.00
Security PKR                              5,000.00
Examination Fee PKR                            15,000.00
Tuition Fee PKR                            45,000.00
 TOTAL 1ST SEMESTER PKR                          80,000.00
2nd Semester
Examination Fee PKR                           15,000.00
Tuition Fee PKR                           45,000.00
 TOTAL 2ND SEMESTER PKR                          60,000.00
3rd Semester
Examination Fee  PKR                           15,000.00
Tuition Fee PKR                           45,000.00
 TOTA 3RD SEMESTER PKR                          60,000.00
4th Semester
Research Proposal PKR                           15,000.00
Research Supervision PKR                           25,000.00
Thesis Review and Examination PKR                           30,000.00
Degree Processing PKR                           15,000.00
 TOTAL 4TH SEMESTER PKR                          85,000.00
Total Cost PKR                       285,000.00

Scheme of Studies

Course Codes Course Titles Credit Hours
EDU-711 Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 3
EDU-712 Instructional Design in Education 3
EDU-713 Critical Analysis of Research Methods

Semester Credit Hours



Course Title Credit Hours
EDU-721 Global Trends in ECCE Development 3
EDU-722 Educational Leadership and Management 3
EDU-723 Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing 3
Semester Credit Hours 9
EDU -731 Research Proposal Development Non-Credit
EDU-732 Elective 1 3
EDU-733 Elective 2 3
Semester Credit Hours 6
Semester -4
EDU-742 Research Thesis 6
  Semester Credit Hours 6
                                          M. Phil. (Education) Credits 30

Career Prospects

The following candidates are encouraged to apply for the admission to M.Phil. in Education

Subject specialists                        Academic coordinators            Curriculum developers

Text book developers                  Educational Managers              Research coordinators

School administrators                 Undergraduate supervisors     Planners

Policy makers                                Content writers                           Subject specialists

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